How to Reach

How to Reach 5 Oaks - Mahabaleshwar

5 Oaks Bungalow in Mahabaleshwar is very conveniently place and finding the bungalow is very easy. Located on the Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar road about 13 Kms from Panchgani and approximately 4 Kms before Mahabaleshwar 5 Oaks Bungalow is perched up on a small hillock with a view of the valley just by the road.

To Reach 5 Oaks Bungalow - Mahabaleshwar from Pune

The distance from Pune to 5 Oaks Bungalow is approximately 115 Kms.From Pune you need to take the Pune - Satara road and at about 75 Kms at Surur Phata you need to take the right turn to Wai. From Wai, Panchgani is approximately 20 Kms and to reach 5 Oaks Bungalow you need to continue straight ahead for another 13 Kms to find the bungalows by the road near the Lingmala falls.

To Reach 5 Oaks Bungalow - Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai

To reach 5 Oaks Bungalow from Mumbai you could either take the Goa Highway route or take the route via Pune.
Goa Route Panvel - Pen - Mahad - Poladpur - Ambenali ghat - Mahabaleshwar - Venna Lake - 5 Oaks Bungalow (2 Kms from Venna lake)
The route via Pune would be safer and faster thanks to better roads. The distance to 5 Oaks Bungalow via Pune would be about 275 Kms